TRARM is committed to offering dignity and hope to all who come through our doors, serving them with the love and compassion of Christ.
To touch the lives of those incarcerated, to restore hope through the love of Jesus Christ. To present salvation through faith, a clear understanding of the Gospel and to encourage them to lead spiritual and productive lives through practical engagement with in-prison rehabilitation program while reassuring them of available continual support on their release.
The ultimate aim of the prison activities is to support inmates that seek change genuinely, stability and love in their lives where possible. As a result ex-offenders will become productive members of our society, whether as volunteers, employers, employees, having a profession or being self-employed.


Aspirations are raised for the individuals concerned, those connected to them and the communities they are a part of. In this area TRARM goal is to:

  • Touch lives with Christian love
  • Present the Gospel in clear and understandable terms
  • Nurture new believers in faith and discipleship
  • Facilitate contacts with prison ministry teams in local congregations
  • Help develop prison ministry teams in local congregations
  • Support inmates after Prison to let them settle in the society