TRARM vision is to see lives transformed by Christ’s love. Every day, we are addressing the physical, social and spiritual needs of Ex-offenders & family/friends and we praise Him for the positive changes in their lives.

  • We value Dependence on God, fully recognizing that this is God’s work.
  • We value Faithfulness, persevering with trust in God’s character and provision, intentionally keeping the commands given in Scripture.
  • We value Generosity, giving joyfully, personally and corporately, from both the material and spiritual bounty that God has provided.
  • We value Grace, the act of treating others kindly as conduits of the richness of God’s love in Christ.
  • We value Hospitality, the act of making anyone who walks through our doors feel warmly welcomed and esteemed.
  • We value Integrity, being honest in interpersonal, ministry and business practices, doing so to bring honour to God the Righteous one.
  • We value Love and Mercy, seeking to demonstrate God’s compassion and goodness by our attitudes and actions.
  • We value Respect, the act of bestowing honour and dignity on all equally.